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World Famous Canals世界著名运河一览


canals come in all sorts and sizes, from waterways that connect oceans to small waterways within cities. these cities are often so deeply identified with1) venice that people are tempted to compare them with this famous city. in fact, cities all over the world which are known for their canals and waterways have a tendency to be called "the venice of" their part of the world. but these cities have a charm and history of their own and are definitely worth a visit.
   canals of alappuzha
  alappuzha (also known as alleppey), "the venice of the east", is an ancient and beautiful place in india full of canals. alappuzha is connected to the famous kerala backwaters2) and visitors can rent a houseboat3) to explore the backwaters for one or several days. the famous snake boat race, where teams of rowers4) compete for the nehru trophy can also be attended.
   suzhou canals
  often called "the venice of china", suzhou is located in eastern china on the lower yangtze river. founded in the 5th century bc, suzhou is renowned5) for its charming waterways, its intricate gardens and historic stone bridges. it's also famous for its silk trade and for its proximity6) to the grand canal, one of the largest waterway trade routes in the world.
   苏州运河  [论文网]
   1. be identified with: 被认为与……相似
  2. kerala backwaters: 喀拉拉邦回水区,是当地特有的地理现象,发源于印度内陆高山上的几十条河流。这些河流蜿蜒曲折地流向大海,可与众不同的是,多数河流并不急于入海,而是受海浪以及洋流的双重作用在海岸线附近形成大片沿岸低洼水区(看上去仿佛是上溯或倒流的水域,回水区的名称即由此而来)。这些低洼水区与波涛汹涌的大海最近处相距不过十几米,之间横亘着一两米高的沙丘,从而构成河水与海水隔沙丘相望的奇特景象。backwater [?b?k?w??t?(r)] n. 回水,回流
   3. houseboat [?ha?s?b??t] n. 居住船;水上住宅
  4. rower [?r???(r)] n. 桨手,划船人
  5. renowned [r??na?nd] adj. 著名的
  6. proximity [pr?k?s?m?ti] n. 接近,邻近
  bangkok klongs
  "klong" is thai for canal. historically, people used klongs throughout thailand for transportation and commerce, earning bangkok the nickname, "the venice of the east". today, most klongs have been filled in for use as streets. but you can still visit a tourist version of a traditional floating market on the klong damnoen saduak in the ratchaburi province or take a boat through central bangkok on the khlong saen saeb to avoid city traffic.

   panama canal
  the man-made 77.1 km panama canal changed the course of shipping and trav

el by connecting the atlantic and pacific oceans across a narrow strip of land in panama. completed in 1914, the canal enables ships to pass through a series of locks7) to get from one side to the other and eliminates the need for ships to take the much longer and dangerous route around the tip of south america. today more than 14,000 ships pass the panama canal every year.
   canals of hoi an
  this fishing-village-turned-tourist-hotspot is situated on the coast of the south china sea in vietnam. hoi an has been an international port from the 16th century although the serious shipping business has long since moved to the city of da nang. the heart of the city is still the old town, full of winding lanes and chinese-styled shophouses. it is sometimes called "the venice of vietnam" because of the narrow canals that cut through part of the town.
   canals of bruges
  bruges is one of the best preserved medieval cities in europe and belgium's most popular destination. because of its canals bruges is often called "the venice of the north". in the middle ages the "reie" river was turned into a network of canals that enabled traders to bring their products to the large water halls8) at the markt9). nowadays a boat ride on these famous canals provides a great way to see some of bruges most beautiful sites.
   canals of amsterdam
  another "the venice of the north", amsterdam began building its famous canals in the 17th century during the dutch golden age10). the three main canals, herengracht, prinsengracht, and keizersgracht, form concentric belts around the city. today there are over 100 km of canals and 1500 bridges. alongside the main canals are 1550 monumental buildings.
   canals of venice
  referred to as "the city of water", venice is the crown jewel of water cities. romantic gondolas11) and italian architecture along the grand canal helped it earn this status. stitched together with over 150 canals that have become central to its character, venice has decayed since its heyday12) and has more tourists than residents, but the romantic charm remains. hop on a vaporetto13) if a gondola is too slow—but don't try to hail a cab unless it's a water taxi—because there still aren't any cars in venice.

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